Non Smoking


Hypnotherapy is often associated with giving up smoking.
It is a single session which will not help you ‘give up’ smoking, but will enable
you to become NON-SMOKER.
It is the thought of giving up which stops many people from taking the decision to be a non-smoker. People want to become non-smokers without the ‘process’ of giving up.
This is the aim of the single hypnotherapy session. You leave as a non-smoker.
Audio support is given to reinforce the session.
Examples of peoples Motivation to become non smokers.
Improved personal health
More energy
The smell of stale tobacco.
Adverse effects of smoking being experienced.
Wanting to be around for their children/grandchildren
Everyone will have their own reason.
(NB people’s responses are individual and therefore this may not be taken as a guarantee)